Invited Coffee believes in increasing the visibility of local artists and providing support to creative voices that help keep the heart of every community alive. Visiting coffee shops, you often find that the local art displayed is not purchased, yet it plays a part in creating an inviting atmosphere for communal fellowship. At Invited Coffee, original artwork revolving around themes such as “inclusivity” and “the origins of coffee” is commissioned to serve as “social art” for all coffee packaging and merchandise to offer direct support to artists. 
Jay Golding

Jay Golding is an Indigenous artist based in Essex County, NJ whose work focuses primarily on realistic portraits/figures, and abstracted forms/shapes in various mediums such as watercolor, gouache, acrylic, oil, pen and pencil. Golding’s pieces tell vivid imaginings that are inspired from his thoughts, environment, world culture, African heritage and nature. The artist’s main objective through his work is to inspire the viewer with each unique subject presented.

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